A Different Look at Passages of Water

Jamie Mitchell | Seven Crossings | Sustainability Documentary

Jamie Mitchell’s sustainability documentary, Seven Crossings, is about finding hope, inspiration and action to make a better world.

He has created an amazing life around the oceans. He won the Molokai2Oahu Paddle Race 10 consecutive times, the most ever. And then he switched to big wave surfing and became professional there, surfing some of the biggest waves in the world at Jaws, Nazare, Mavericks, Waimea.

But he saw that the way we are treating our oceans has to change. We face great challenges. He shares his inspiration for thinking about paddling the Channel Islands just off the coast of Southern California.

In the second episode of Jamie Mitchell’s Seven Crossings sustainability documentary series, he starts his journey in the sharky waters of the Channel Islands National Park.


He wants to paddle the three crossings in the first day, and hit the entire island chain in the Channel Islands National Park: San Miguel Island, Santa Rosa Island, Santa Cruze Island, and Anacapa Island.


In this episode, we also highlight the importance of high quality, sustainably grown food, including a montage of the aquaponic lab at the University of Southern California’s Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies.

40 miles into blue water. Jamie is set to paddle from Anacapa Island to Santa Barbara Island which connects the northerly Channel Islands to the southern 4. But things don’t go quite right, and Jamie is left to make a daring decision.


In Chapter 4 Jamie try’s to get an early start in his 30 mile paddle from Santa Barbara Island to San Nicholas Island before the wind goes bad.


In the second to last episode of the sustainability documentary, Jamie Mitchell faces gruelling day paddling to a secret island. But as the wind goes slack, his body starts to seriously wear down as he tries to make it to San Clemente Island 52 miles away.


In the final episode of Seven Crossings, Jamie launches from San Clemente Island to head home, hoping to complete an epic journey through some of the most beautiful islands right off the coast of Southern California.

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